What We Do


Through teaching horse riding, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those living with disabilities of all kinds. We exist to provide opportunity for therapy and achievement and aim for our riders.



Hear about Bridgend County RDA:


We aim to improve our riders:

- mobility.

- co-ordination.

-muscle control and strength.


- self-esteem.


We work on providing our riders with life long skills such as:

- listening skills.

- respect.

- patience

- communication.


In our sessions we encourage:

- confidence growth.

- independence.

- self-worth.

- self belief.


We want our riders to:

- learn a new skill (horse rider).

- learn about horses.

- experience something new by being in a new place.

- experience new sounds, touches and smells.

- conquer fears by believing in themselves and trusting others.


We aim to improve social and speech by:

- Interacting with new people.

- Following instructions.

- Learn and use the language to communicate with the horse; woah, walk on and trot on.


Most importantly we want our riders to have fun in a safe and calm environment. We do all of the above by incorporating exciting activities and exercises in the lesson where our riders learn to walk and trot, they will learn facts about their horse and tack, and play games. Some of our advanced riders will have the opportunity to learn to ride independently.


We are also working with our schools to make cross curricular links that will tie in with the curriculum they work from in school; this includes the LNF framework.



We receive amazing feedback about our work. If you would like to add a piece to our testimonials please contact us.


A lovely piece by one of our long term volunteers Mo Palmer.
“When I first became an RDA helper about 9 years ago I had never ridden a horse and had no experience whatsoever of working with horses. A close friend who had been involved with RDA told me on numerous occasions there were so few helpers that not all the children who had come to the class were able to ride – it must have been so disappointing for those children affected. The reason I became a helper was to boost the numbers and to enable more children to get the opportunity to tide. I had no idea of what an impact it would have on me to be involved in RDA and to work with these amazing children..." click here to read more


A piece written from the heart by volunteer and coach Sarah Lewis.
“Before becoming a volunteer at Bridgend RDA, I had some experience with horses but not working with people living with a disability. Five years on and I have worked with many people, all different ages, all living with a range of disabilities from behavioural to physical. On my first day I was welcomed with both arms into the friendly team and I have met many people from all types of backgrounds; some with great horse knowledge, others with less knowledge..." click here to read more


A worth while read by Sarah Allen, Deputy Head of School about the positive links RDA has created with Pencoed College and their students.
“Bridgend College and the local RDA in Bridgend have established a very successful partnership in that at the Pencoed Campus of the college we provide a base two days a week for the children to take part in their riding activities. The Equine Department has two indoor arenas one of which is set aside at certain times specifically to assist the RDA. Students from the animal care and equine departments have been able to assist with the riding activities which they have thoroughly enjoyed, providing an enriching, educational and rewarding experience alongside their main programme of study..." click here to read more


A wonderful and positive statment by Sara Coffin, Yard Manager at Pencoed College.
“We were delighted to host the RDA group at our Pencoed Campus – it is fantastic to be involved with such a keen group of riders who clearly take so much away from the sessions. We take real pride in the standard of both our teaching staff and facilities, and being able to put them use for the benefit of organisations like the RDA makes a difference to us all, as well as being great fun!”



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